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The resolution value of the returned promise will be the resolution value of the triggering item. The rejection reasons can be obtained with CompositeException::getExceptions.

Promise API

These examples are contrived, of course, and in real usage, promise chains will typically be spread across several function calls, or even several levels of your application architecture. Resolved promises forward resolution values to the next promise. Each call to then returns a new promise that will resolve with the return value of the previous handler. This creates a promise "pipeline". Similarly, when you handle a rejected promise, to propagate the rejection, "rethrow" it by either returning a rejected promise, or actually throwing since promise translates thrown exceptions into rejections.

Mixing resolutions and rejections will still forward handler results in a predictable way.

Promise: Promise - ReactPHP

At a first glance, then and done seem very similar. However, there are important distinctions.

The intent of then is to transform a promise's value and to pass or return a new promise for the transformed value along to other parts of your code. The intent of done is to consume a promise's value, transferring responsibility for the value to your code.

In addition to transforming a value, then allows you to recover from, or propagate intermediate errors. Any errors that are not handled will be caught by the promise machinery and used to reject the promise returned by then. Calling done transfers all responsibility for errors to your code. Promise is a port of when.

The Sandy Hook Promise

Also, large parts of the documentation have been ported from the when. Skip to content.

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