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Save This Event Log in or sign up for Eventbrite to save events you're interested in. I also found him immensely impractical - I felt like he might change his views on a few things if he had to be a stay at home mum for a few months! I also really disliked that he doesn't allow room for personality differences and other life factors.

His idea that if you are not in control of your emotions you can just go off somewhere and pray until you feel better then come and smack your kids for their disobedience is pretty dangerous advice for people with real anger management issues or PND for eg. I'm not sure what exactly he thinks the unsupervised, naughty kids would be getting up to in mum's absence either! I get really tired of books which complain about how barbaric smacking is and then advocate other practices that could be used in a really unhelpful way as well.

On the whole I thought it was a book really worth reading, so long as you take what he says with a grain of salt.

Shepherding a Child's Heart

Hi Wendy, I just picked up this book and read the preface, forward and intro last night! I'm interested to hear your thoughts on it and definately agree that one should not claim they have the perfect interpretation of God's word. Keeping this in mind, I've already been impacted on a comment he makes in his preface about making sure your children understand where their sin comes from and how it affects their behaviour rather than just trying to mould good behaviour in them.

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As for smacking - I was smacked as a child, but they were for fairly large offences which I never did again. Dad got out his belt, had us over his knee and gave us a couple of good ones. I think it was especially good for my older brother who was particularly naughty - like making me put my thumb on a hot cigarette lighter from the car.

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I hate to think what state i'd be in if Dad hadn't sorted that out!!! Hi Wendy - I read this book many years ago when my kids were toddlers.

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I found it unhelpful and couldn't understand why others had recommended it to me. I also find books that tell me there is a right way of parenting very irritating. When my kids were younger, I was desperate for advice, but when the strategies didn't work with my children, I felt like I had failed.

Especially if a strategy was specifically designated as 'Christian' then I felt even worse! I didn't fully understand at the time, that all kids are different - as are all parents! Your comments about Proverbs are helpful. Many Proverbs are cited in parenting books as commands so it good to be reminded of their place in the Bible.

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Thanks for all your comments - here was I thinking I was going out on a limb, now I know others agree with me! Gives me more confidence in my own reading of it. Thanks, Wendy.

Just discovered this old post of yours via Deb! And can I say, I agree with the reservations about this book. Here are mine: - it's legalistic, one-size-fits-all, you have to do it this way, or else - it misuses Proverbs, failing to read it as wisdom literature - I, too, have big problems with the "circle of blessing" idea - not very gospel-centred - it criticises all other discipline methods as appealing to a child's baser motives whereas avoidance of punishment doesn't??

Sometimes you do just need to train a child's external behaviour.

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They have three adult children and seven grand—children. Before seminary he worked as a contractor and in industry.


Tedd and Margy founded Immanuel Christian School in where Tedd has served as a teacher and administrator. They still serve on the board of ICS. Since , Tedd has maintained an extensive ministry as a conference speaker and presenter of Shepherding a Child's Heart seminars. Here is a refreshing exception. Tedd Tripp offers solid, trustworthy, biblical help for parents. Example fallback content : This browser does not support PDFs.

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