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And third, there was something about the thought of feline erotica that just sounded right.

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But of course there was. In pop culture the feline has always carried with it a certain air of eroticism. Think of Catwoman, the only woman Batman ever loved in the old comic book and TV show. With stories of cat aliens, cat gods, cats who turn into humans, and more, these authors have made the connection between the feline universe and the erotic one explicit, exploring that juncture through fantasy and science fiction in a way it cannot be examined in the so-called real world.

Depression, bred of frustration,lay heavily upon me. Shall I set the globes aflame?

The warm humidity of late spring in equatorial Mirvun weighed my limbs down as if invisible chains clung to each extremity. Like most Kalis, I prefer the cold crisp weather of our homelands in the mountains; if I were in Kalissanne now— But there was no use in thinking of Kalissanne; Kalissanne was no longer mine.


My younger brother Darez, now king, had seen to that when he accused me of treason. I grumbled as I too arose. Why you'll love it: By choosing novellas rather than more traditional short stories, Richard Labonte made his anthology much meatier than average. What it's all about: This anthology celebrates diversity with stories written by transgender, intersexed, genderqueer and gender-variant authors.

Rather than sucking the life from the humans that inhabit their world, these rather more polite creatures simply feed a little from their victims. Do you have a favorite sexy read? Send us the title! Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Toggle navigation Menu. Lauren Katulka February 24, Shop Now.


Written by Lauren Katulka. Lauren Katulka is a happily married freelance writer living on Australia's Central Coast.

When she's not playing around with words she loves roller skating, spending time in the kitchen, watching indie films and cuddling her Devon Rex cat, Gizmo. Full Bio. Related Articles. My Favourite Fantasy I was tasked with describing the fantasy I had most often. Claire vs. Catsuit Woman What can Claire do to escape her fate?

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The Body Sculptor Ch. First Catsuit Encounter He tries on a catsuit. Caroline, Customer or Commodity? The Sweetest Taboo Could you resist temptation if it showed up at your door? Identity Ch. A Physical Sin She gets the chance to fuck her horny brother. Booted Encounter Fetishes explored on a train journey.

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Kat She has a thing about catsuits. Separate tags with commas. More info in the FAQ.