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At first blush, Fliess's poem feels like it's covering familiar ground: fairies fly and skip through flowers and zip through trees and hum and buzz among the bees. But the poem quickly shifts focus, to a young girl, reading a fairy book, who meets and courts the fairies.

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It's a very loving and gentle story told in verse, but when the pictures are added to it, it is transformed into an epic tale of endless warm afternoons, timeless imagination games, the intensity of friendship and the abandon of childhood. Keane's character designs are -- unsurprisingly -- so animated that the book might work just as well without words, and it's sure to delight pre-literate kids who will lose themselves in the photos of making, playing, and chattering away with your best pals.

The package is as lovely as the pictures, too, with embossed, foil Art Deco fairies in the dust-jacket and a raised plasticized cover-painting. It's a beautiful book to hold , and it just gets better from there.

My Fairy Garden - Unicorn & Friends

These Bluetooth earpieces can compete with the sound of AirPods and Beats Pro for a fraction of the price. I reviewed this for Net Galley. Format: Paperback. Leona the fairy lives in a kettle in the forest. But Leona is undeterred, loving her life and her home, and as a storm hits her fellow fairies come to realise the value in being different. There are also some really nice and healthy themes bubbling away underneath. Great stuff all around. This book was provided by NetGalley for review. I read the Kindle version.

Gorgeous illustrations and adorable story! Great as a gift for adults or children. Highly recommend this beautiful book about fairies. Hope there are other books using these same characters in the future!

Full Text: My daughter and I love this book! We have read it many times. The story is great and the illustrations are beautiful! I will be gifting this book to little fairies in our family! By Paddi on 8 Jun. Format: Kindle Edition.


She lives in her dream home — which happens to be a cast iron kettle. She loves it especially when it rains….. But her fairy pals really hate it. Until one night a raging storm hit Bramble Glen….

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A sweet and gentle story that will appeal to little girls. The illustrations are very pretty and engaging. A great book to read to your toddler or to encourage an older girl to read.


I received this from Netgalley for an honest review. Leona the fairy lives in a kettle in the fairy village of Bramble Glen. She loves her home and thinks it is the best one in the village. She loves the way it is decorated as well as the musical sounds the rain plays on it. The other fairies, disagree, they think it is far too noisy when it rains. The illustrations are large, vivid and colourful.

Frosty Fairy Friends

They show that whimsical fairy world. I loved that there were both male and female fairies. The messages in the book range from helping your friends to being strong and true in your belief, it is okay to be different and like different things. First step, gather supplies. You can do that on your own or purchase my kit, here. The kit comes with everything you need to create your little friend.

Hair and leaf color will vary.

Included In This Kit

You will need a pine cone, pipe cleaner, acorn top, 2 leaves artificial works too if you want them to keep longer , 3 wooden beads one large for the head, two small for the hands , wool roving for the hair and sweater, and twine to hang your fairy. To attach items, use tacky glue or a hot glue gun. For little helpers, I recommend tacky glue or a low temp glue gun.

Next, glue the wool roving to the top of and back of the bead. Next, measure and trim the pipe cleaner to the appropriate length wrap it around the back of the pine cone.