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Uh-oh, it looks like your Internet Explorer is out of date. For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Ben is surprised when his friend strips naked in his bedroom. He's even more surprised when Mike says he's going to fuck Ben's mom and make his dad watch.

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A bet was made that one of them was doomed to lose. Would the very persuasive Mike get his way and cuckold both Holcomb men, or will Ben win and have his dreams come true? Crimson Rose is an erotica writer dedicated to the principle that erotic fiction can be red-hot raunchy while also being written with intelligence, elegance and style. The execution varies, as the trope is a sliding scale, with anywhere from very few, or nearly all, of the aforementioned elements included.

Needless to say, this is an extremely polarizing trope, but one that demands we emphasize that Tropes Are Not Bad. The Content policy defines "Porn" as "A work mostly concerned with sexual arousal. See also: Cuckold Horns.

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Robinson and Did Not Get the Girl. Super Trope to Droit du Seigneur. Often goes along with All Women Are Lustful , where a woman's inherent sexual urges lie dormant or suppressed until awakened usually by a "bad boy" compared to her good guy husband , after which the character becomes a sex maniac that can no longer be satisfied with domestic life or a husband. As you can imagine, this type of portrayal is For a genre revolving around cuckoldry, see Netorare.

See our Analysis Page for more information. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Franklin: You okay, homie? What happened? Michael: Guy bounced my wife is what happened. Franklin: Which guy? Michael: The guy I'm paying to teach her tennis. Aur, the Villain Protagonist from Maou no Hajimekata , employed a Netorare gamble step by step, as if he had a guide book, against Alan the Warrior.

He corrupted Alan's three female companions and made it sure to show it to him, before having one of the girls behead Alan, using Alan's torrent of surging hatred for feeling betrayed to then resurrect him as a powerful ally, a Dullahan. Only the first notable case of something that Aur will make use of many times later. Nozoki Ana : A very huge, hurtful example that many readers were predicting for ages. Not only was Yuri Kotobuki , the girl in this situation, cheating on weekends , but she decided she'd rather have sex with her rich boyfriend instead of spend Saturday with her other boyfriend, the lead male Kido.

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On Kido's own birthday. Alluded to in Air Gear , with Hako referring to Ringo as "NTR 1" and accusing her of cockblocking either her or Kururu , as they both squabble to become Ikki 's link turner.

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Ikki chooses Ringo anyway. Though when Jonathan learns of this, he's more mad at Dio for dishonoring Erina and beats the shit out of him. The entire premise of Netsuzou Trap is a Yuri version were the two leads Yuma and Hotaru fool around with each other behind their boyfriend's backs. Though as the series goes on it becomes hard to tell who is cuckolding who. Comic Books. In this reality, Superwoman is in a very explicit affair with Owlman.

Ultraman is very aware he's being cuckolded; he just can't do anything about it because of Owlman's blackmail material on him. This actually occurs to the canon Superman , too. No, really.

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In the New 52 universe, Superman as Clark Kent visits Lois Lane 's apartment and finds her very obviously post-coitus with her new boyfriend. While in this continuity, he and Lois have never had a relationship, Clark still crushed on her hard. Thus, a shocked and humiliated Clark happens to arrive in the wrong place at the wrong time and can't do anything but walk away, and as he leaves, his Super Hearing picks up Lois telling her boyfriend that she has no feelings for Clark whatsoever, and the two start to resume their love-making.

The Not So "Hotwife" in a Cuckold Marriage

Any person who gets with Mystique is gonna be this, which she lampshades. After having sex with Sabretooth, he comments that she smells like another man. Mystique asks if he's jealous, but he insists he's just primal and the smell of another man hinders his enjoyment. Mystique warns him that sex is a weapon she frequently uses, so he'll have to find a way to endure the pain. In one Post-Crisis storyarc written by Joe Kelly , Lois spends a lot of nights away from home, telling Clark "not to wait up" as she leaves out in a sultry outfit, usually gone until morning.

A cliffhanger later shows her being very cozy and romantic with Lex Luthor Much Brain Bleach was passed afterward. This was the initial fate of the protagonist of Wanted , which is what prompts him to become a misanthrope and turn to a life of crime. When he becomes a supervillain, he cuts up his friend into little pieces before telling his girlfriend that he knows everything and walks off. In Spawn , the eponymous character is a mercenary named Al Simmons that comes Back from the Dead after a Deal with the Devil to find out that his wife has remarried his best friend, had two children with him, and is much happier with him than she ever was with Al.

In Thorgal , this happens to Aaricia after Kriss de Valnor takes advantage of Thorgal's amnesia to claim that he is Shaigan, a ruthless pirate and Kriss's lover. Kriss not only has "Shaigan" attack Aaricia's home village, getting her and her children exiled, she then takes Aaricia's daughter hostage. In one issue of Doctor Strange , the Doctor's love interest, Clea, becomes disillusioned with the workaholic Strange and finds herself seduced by Benjamin Franklin during a trip backward through time.

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  • After the two have sex, she falls so completely for her new lover that she plans to stay behind in the past and marry Franklin , much to Strange's anger and heartbreak. Strange eventually figures out that this Ben Franklin is a fake, and actually the wizard Stygyro. After Stygyro is defeated, the engagement to Clea is called off To this very day , Doctor Strange hates Benjamin Franklin with a passion. However, she is faithful to Reed and has never strayed during their relationship. That hasn't kept Namor from trying, or Reed from worrying. In the "What If?

    Sue marries the Submariner and later gives birth to his child. However, Sue later separates from Namor and then marries Reed, whom she also has a child with. In the Crisis Crossover event, Secret Wars , Doctor Doom gains nigh-omnipotent power and uses it to fuse what's left of the destroyed multiverse into Battleworld, where he rules as God.

    While he's at it, though, he takes the opportunity to throw as many Take Thats at Reed Richards as possible, including rewriting history so that he was Sue's husband and the father of Franklin and Valeria instead of Reed. Reed is clearly upset about this when he finds out, but due to what's at stake, he doesn't act on it immediately.

    However, it should also be noted that we're never informed if Doom's marriage with Sue was intimate or not, and that Reed doesn't consider this Sue the same one he knew, so the trope may be subverted in that regard, but Reed was on the verge of tears nonetheless. This trope is specifically invoked numerous times by Tyrannus, specifically stating that he and Betty "did more than dance" at one point to make the Hulk angry enough to fight a common foe.

    Making it worse for both Bruce and the Hulk is the fact that it's clear Betty wants to be with Bruce again, but Red She-Hulk wants Tyrannus just to spite him. This comes back to bite her later when Hulk enters a "Worldbreaker" level of rage and needs a Cooldown Hug which she can no longer provide - so Umar steps up and lovingly brings Hulk to her realm to put his energy to "more enjoyable use". This time, it's Betty's turn to be jealous and angry.

    The comic then shows a picture of a conflicted Jocasta being held intimately by a smug-looking Ultron. Madwoman Of The Sacred Heart opens with Alan Mangel being served with divorce papers on his sixtieth birthday, as his wife gleefully reveals that she's been cheating on him for months. Dynamo5 : A rare Gender Inverted. Chrysalis also counts. She was shocked to learn that she was not the only woman he was sleeping with and that Dynamo 5 are his illegitimate children.

    In Dragon Ball Z Abridged , Yamcha the typical Butt-Monkey of the group is dumped by Bulma after he comes Back from the Dead and becomes distressed when Vegeta the man indirectly responsible for his murder, and who bullies Yamcha constantly starts a sexual relationship with her, where she becomes pregnant by him. In a Bad Future timeline, he is Driven to Suicide when he finds out. Films — Live-Action. Indecent Proposal is all about this trope.

    A couple desperate for money agree for the wife to have sex with a billionaire, and the experience tears the two of them apart. She winds up temporarily living, and having a sexual relationship, with the billionaire, and he is portrayed as an overall better man than her husband in most ways.

    In the end, she stays with her husband, whom she clearly loves more than the billionaire. But before the latter leaves her alone, she is subject to his very stalkery behavior. Played for horrible, horrible drama during the infamous rape scene in A Clockwork Orange. The Ladies Man has a whole gang of cuckolded men called the "Victims of the Smiling Ass" who are out for revenge against Leon for bedding their wives.

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    The beginning of Wanted has the protagonist Wesley in a relationship with a girlfriend who is blatantly cheating on him with his best friend, and him being powerless to do anything about it. He later makes out in front of her with his new girlfriend. He raises their children himself and she eventually leaves him for her lover, but this has a somewhat positive note in that the boys obviously black all grow up to unconditionally love him, and consider him their real father.

    During the rap battle at the finale, the fact that he was cuckolded is used to attempt to humiliate Jimmy. Jimmy comes out on top, anyway. Naturally, for a film about hypermasculinity, Fight Club touches on this trope. The first example is the speaker during the support group for men with testicular cancer. One man breaks down into tears talking about how, after his surgery to remove his cancerous scrotum, his wife eventually found another man and bore him children.

    The Narrator himself constantly experiences this by hearing Tyler and Marla's loud, passionate banging while he's nearby doing something else. After The Reveal that Tyler is just a Split Personality of the Narrator, the trope is not as clear as we once thought. In Eurotrip , the protagonist Scotty learns that his girlfriend has been cheating on him for the lead singer of a band, who then sings a song titled "Scotty Doesn't Know" all about how clueless he is about his girlfriend's infidelity.

    Jules and Jim : How bad is it for Jules? Not only is he fully aware that his wife Catherine is cheating on him, she brings her lover Albert home , and they all sit around and have friendly chats like its no big thing. He later begs his friend Jim to have sex with Catherine so the three of them can stay together, instead of Catherine running off with Albert. In later years the Pantheon was the venue for masquerades, balls — even operas, and became much more egalitarian. The point about the print is that in its early days, there was no way that the wife of a tailor would gain admission — the trollop clearly had ideas above her station…..

    A picture on the wall behind them depicts Cupid flying with an envelope in his hand. From behind a curtain on the right, a man peers into the room, curious and wide-eyed. I know very little of the artist, Elias Martin. Wikipedia has him as a Swedish landscape painter who came to London in and became an Associate of the Royal Academy.

    I am not quite sure why he used his talents on producing drolls like these, but there you go! I suspect that he needed the pin money….