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Make Gift Giving an Art Share your favorite digital photos in a big, beautiful way by giving canvas prints as gifts to family and friends! After all, the social media pictures of yoga teachers and practitioners over the internet kindle enough narcissism that you forget the real purpose of yoga if you ever knew and only admire the overwhelming curves on the trending photos.

Yoginis look like the epitomes of Urvashi from the Indra palace. Maybe we can compare the Yogi to Shiva who is said to be the first-yogi or the Adiyogi? Yoga is not about a few jazzy posts on Instagram or Facebook. And I kept this in mind when I went to do yoga in Dharamshala. Yoga, a word derived from the Sanskrit word Yuj meaning join, means union — of the mind, body, and soul. But I can say that Coorg, also known as Kodagu, is straight out of that movie where you see fat cows grazing on a soft grassy carpet while spinach-green hills pose in the background.

I am not sure if I can call Coorg a quaint town for everybody traveling to Bangalore or the South, in general, go on a road trip from Bangalore to Coorg, at least one-time. But what brings these travelers to Coorg, a district nestled in the western ghats of South Karnataka?

Rolling emerald hills, an opportunity to see elephants, leopards, gaurs, giant Malabar squirrels, and other wildlife, the peppy birds of Karnataka, aromatic coffee and tea estates, huge avocados, rich Kodava cuisine, silky waterfalls melting into the revered Kaveri, old temples, and ancient monasteries could be some of the reasons. Snow-capped peaks, inky sky, copper mountains, creamy cubicle homes, lean Spitians jostling around, and a few sheep and cow — this is Spiti Valley, one of the remotest valley of the Indian Himalaya.

Spiti is indeed a bucket list destination for many millennials and older travelers alike.

A beautiful way to display your photo memories.

Some say their dream came true when they visited Lahaul and Spiti. People have been clicking pictures of Spiti for decades. Occasionally you would see Indians and foreigners posting gorgeous Spiti images on their Instagram account. Young maroon-clothed monks jumping on the road. Himalayan peaks standing tall and a river swiftly shifting in front of them. Icy summits with a white Spitian village in front.

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A selfie with a Spitian woman on the road. Key Monastery standing tall. Pictures of self in front of dominant mountains.

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  • A few close-ups of flat-roofed homes of Spiti. The nothingness that envelops the stunning Spiti and the isolated Spitian life is too much to handle sometimes. Even in pictures.

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    Once upon a time, there was a long river muddy. Along the bank of the river lived the mama elephant Lily. On the top of a Jamun tree lived a monkey very funky with a very long nosey. A shrewd crocodile waited beneath the tree to see the monkey fall loosey. A talkative hornbill nested in the tree. While her friend the orange orangutang visited her often for tea.

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    The village children played on the riverbank every day, while their mothers shouted to call them home, come, come, otherwise the monkey will take you away. I wrote it when I went on the Kinabatangan river tour in Sabah, Borneo.

    When I was traveling from Bali to Malaysia, everyone told me to not go to the country that only has Penang and Kuala Lumpur. They said maybe you can see a few orangutangs while traveling in Malaysia, but what else? I wanted to write these reasons to visit Malaysia since the day I came back to tell those friends that they were wrong and to urge the rest to explore Malaysia.

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    Of course, I did have wild encounters with orangutans in Sabah, but there are many more riskfree things to do and interesting places to visit in Malaysia. The Ravishing Parvati Valley.

    Kasol: An overhyped, but a connected town of Parvati Valley I found many Kasol travel blogs that describe Kasol as a heaven or a tiny hamlet in the middle of Parvati Valley. Here goes my story of running away from Shilha village. A timeless journey through Manikaran. Suggested Read: My experience of hiking an active Chilean volcano — Climbing Volcano Villarrica When a friendly guy at a supermarket in Kalga, also known as Kalgha, asked me if I wanted to join him and his friends for Bunbuni trek, I agreed. We have seen this all. This site uses cookies.

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